Gone worldseeing 2


Jun 1 2018 - Jun 3 2018
2453 km

We left Sukhbaataar in the morning, cycling through the constantly changing landscapes of northern Mongolia.

There are horses everywhere you look:



More horses:


Signs in the middle of nowhere:

Doing some stretches:

Impressions from the road:

Bhuddist shrine on one of the hills:

In the afternoon, a strong wind was coming up. Luckily it was going mostly in our direction. It was really hard to not fall over sideways with the bicycles here:

Passing a dried salt lake. This looked really strange from far away. Afterwards we had to cycle through the salt storm.

Into the void:

Some sandstorms for a change:

Arriving at the city limits of Darkhan. Darkhan is the second biggest city in Mongolia, with 180000 inhabitants. Remember: Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world, and half of the population lives in the capital, Ulaanbaatar.

Darkhan is a small city, and there is not so much to see, but we stayed there for a few days, because we had to go to the hospital because of severe back pain.

We knew it was good to take a few walks to help the healing, so we walked around in the city a bit:

We found this nice park with lots of funny animal sculptures:

Main square:

Interesting sculpture in front of the theatre:

Darkhan in the evening: