Gone worldseeing 2


Jun 4 2018 - Jun 14 2018
2462 km

The hospital in Darkhan could not really help us, and cycling was impossible with the pain, so we decided to get to Ulaanbaatar as soon as possible. Some really nice people who also stayed at our hotel helped us to get us and our bicycles on the next bus to Ulaanbaatar. They even drove us to the bus station, with our bikes strapped to the roof of their car! Thank you so much, we don’t know what we would have done without you!

On the bus:

In Ulaanbaatar we went to one of these expensive private clinics. They were really professional and we got great help. Some medicine, taking it slow, and getting at least a week of rest were the doctors orders. He also suggested beer and the famous Mongolian Chenggis vodka. Of course we followed his orders closely and stayed in Ulaanbaatar for the next 10 days.

Exploring the city:

Sukhbaatar Square:

Visiting the black market:

Random city shots:

This is the hostel we stayed at, the Woodpecker’s Inn. It’s an amazing place, run by wonderful people. We really felt at home here. If you ever come to Ulaanbaatar, this is the place to stay!