Gone worldseeing 2

Hebei to Shanxi

Jun 23 2018 - Jul 1 2018
3007 km

Leaving Beijing behind us, we cycled through the provinces Hebei and Shanxi in direction Pingyao, the capital of Shanxi.

Great cycling lanes on our way out of Beijing:

Found a nice market near the road by coincidence:

Some fireworks in the middle of the day. Absolutely normal here, we see that every day now.

Fancy street gate. Almost every street in every village has something like this.

Interesting building at the side of the road, no idea what it is though:

More pictures from the road:

Stopping for some lunch at the restaurant of this nice family:

Fancy hotel breakfast:

Arriving in Baoding. A small city with just 11 million inhabitants. These cities grow at an incredible rate, there are huge construction sites everywhere. This is quite impressive to see:

Cycling the G107 highway:

Best noodles ever:

At this top notch location:

Arriving in Shijiazhuang. The city set a record two years ago, for being the most polluted city in the world. It did not seem too bad to us though, we found the city very relaxing, with a lot of trees and parks.

Interesting bugs:

Heping park has some war memorials…

…and a nice sculpture park:

Rental bikes:

This fruit seller insisted that we take a photo of him:

Some monument in children’s park:

Having lunch at a great noodles and dumplings place around the corner from our hotel:

Some market shopping:

We never knew mangoes could taste like this. Delicious!

Dragon fruit:

Pastries filled with sweet bean paste:

Moving on:

Awesome street food breakfast:

Hello there!

The terrible heat combined with the smog were really exhausting:

It got a little bit better when we reached higher altitudes:

Nice little mountain village:

A lesser known part of the great wall right next to the road:

We had to take many more breaks that day:

Yangquan at night:

Starting early in the morning to avoid the heat:

Noodles for breakfast at a great place next to the road:

Today the road was very nice, with a lot of green, hilly areas and less pollution:

Cycling into Jinzhong:

Amazing wraps:

Jinzhong main square:

Exploring the so called old town. It seems pretty artificial and not that old at all if you look closely:

Jinzhong at night: